The architecture of play, sensory and cognitive stimulation from childhood to adolescence (English eBook)


Play is a basic right of children, regardless of their status or diversity, as stated in the Declaration of the Rights of the Child (UN, 1959) and the Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNICEF, 1989). As noted in the foreword to this book, guaranteeing this right to play is a duty, as it is an important component of children’s development, stimulating creativity, fostering socialisation, promoting autonomy and encouraging them to improve themselves and take on challenges.
In Arquitectura del juego, estímulo sensorial y cognitivo desde la infancia hasta la adolescencia (The Architecture of Play, Sensory and Cognitive Stimulation from Childhood to Adolescence), architect Berta Brusilovsky presents — in terms of accessibility, neuroscience and health — her model of cognitive accessibility and recreation in parks, squares, gardens and urban open areas, offering guidance and inspiration to support an inclusive outdoor playground model, especially for those who need sensory and cognitive stimulation.
The aim could not be more important and engaging, to bring together and unite diverse groups in play and recreation: to make these areas attractive and usable for those who want to take part in the activity. Diversity in terms of knowledge, learning and fun would have a real impact on the urban planning, form, layout and size needed to make truly inclusive parks.

ISBN: 978-84-17528-78-2

Año: 2024

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